Wow 2007 is just about over! Can you believe it? With 2008 starting next week a lot of people are beginning to think about goals and resolutions. I know this might sound like one of those tacky ads but you really can start your new year off right by working with an ADD Coach!

The ADD Coaching Club is going to be accepting 10 new members on January 7, 2008. The ADD Coaching Club offers 4 group coaching sessions each week to its members. Members may attend any and all of the 4 group sessions!

The ADD Book Club is going to begin discussing the book Odd One Out on January 7, 2008. While discussing a book each week the ADD Book Club coach also shares simple and effective strategies for living with ADHD. Members can also communicate with each other on the message board in between calls.

If you still aren’t quite sure about working with an ADD Coach then you can subscribe the the ADD Audio Library. There are currently over 50 audio classes in the ADD Audio Library. Many of the audio class are by ADD Coaches too. By listening to the classes in the ADD Audio Library you can learn more about Attention Deficit Disorder and also start to look for an ADD Coach.

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