Christmas_card Over the past couple of weeks I blogged about the fact that I was attempting to send out Holiday cards. Though I didn’t get them out as early as I wanted to I did finally get them mailed out! Yesterday afternoon I mailed 26 Holidays cards! I do still have a few more that I am planning to send out but I got a huge chunk of them sent out.

It feels great that I was able to accomplish this. One thing I noticed while writing out the cards it that I really lost touch with a lot of people over the past few years. Writing out the cards really helped me become more aware of these lost connections. I also helped me realize that re-connecting with people is something I want to focus on in 2008!

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    • Ariane Benefit

      Congratulations!!! You beat me! Sorta….

      We finally got 93 cards into the mail this morning. WHEW! Thank God my husband is a taskmaster. He sat with me and MADE me get them done. Truly – I would have written a book in each card left to my own devices – but he kept me focused on getting them done. I have about 30 more to do…but that seems like nothing now! LOL

    • Terry Matlen

      Congrats, Tara!!
      I only have a couple to send out and do you think I’ve done it yet? Noooo….
      You’ve inspired me, though. So I’m going to try and send mine out, er…soon.


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