Wow, it’s just about a week until Christmas! If you are anything like me you’ve probably procrastinated and still have some holiday related tasks that still need to be done. I know that for me there’s no way to totally avoid holiday stress over the next week but there are some ways to reduce the stress.

Eat Right – Between the extra goodies that are all around and spending more time out of the house, making poor food choices is more likely to happen this time of year. Even if you’ve indulged in a lot of sweets make sure you still eat some protein, vegetables, and other nutritious food. Also remember to drink enough water!

Exercise – Yes, I know it’s a lot easier to tell ourselves that we are going to begin a new exercise program in the new year. However, the truth is that exercise helps reduce stress. If you are stressed out by the holidays it makes a lot more sense to exercise now!

Sleep – Getting enough sleep is very important for people with Attention Deficit Disorder. During this time of year it’s very easy to not only not get enough sleep but to be less aware of how much sleep we are getting. Make sure you pay extra attention to your sleeping habits.

Happy Holidays!!!

Tara McGillicuddy

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