Last week was really a big week for me. We had 2 of our biggest teleclasses ever at Last Tuesday night we had the teleclass Fidget to Focus which was great and ran very smoothly. Wednesday afternoon we had the special teleclass Embracing Imperfection with Sari Solden which didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped!

I was really excited and a bit nervous about having Sari Solden present a teleclasses through I was all set and ready for the class and had about 20 minutes to spare. I thought to be on the safe side that I would re-boot my computer right before the class. Well I really had no idea how long my computer actually took to re-boot. It was taking longer than I had hoped! I waited a bit then tried to access programs! Then the computer totally froze!

What was even worse is that I hadn’t written down the access number to call into the teleclass. It was on my computer!! After trying to get in I finally decided to go onto my other computer. By this time it was already a few minutes after the teleclass was scheduled to start! I was so frazzled at this point!

Just as I got on to the other computer the phone rang and it was Sari Solden. I apologized and told her what happened. I ended up asking her for the call in information then hung up and called right in. I apologized to the hundreds of people who participating in the teleclass. After the teleclass finally began it went very well and I was so relieved when it was over!

I think it’s really fitting that the title of this teleclass was Embracing Imperfection. After the initial moments of panic were over I was able to Embrace my Imperfection. I realized that mistakes happen and was able to use this one as a learning experience. I’ve already written important information down on paper instead of only having it on my computer. I’ve also begun paying more attention to how long things like re-booting a computer actually take.   

By the way, if you missed last week’s teleclass with Sari Solden you can listen to it by subscribing to the ADD Audio Library.

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