I, like so many others, had a hard time concentrating in school and life. I am 24 years old now and have had a heck of a life dealing with it. Beginning from preschool and kindergarden even, my mother says that I was so eager to learn to read. I would come home every day and want to know more because I was getting bored. Eventually I got frustrated and put up a mental block and had a hard time with language arts the rest of my life. I was put into the gifted program in the first grade. I stayed in there until 7th when I chose to get pulled out because I was frustrated that I couldn’t pay attention/stay on task long enough to complete tasks. I was almost failing. It only got worse when I was put in the mainstream classes because then I wasn’t challenged at all. I hated school from then on.

Throughout this time I started playing music but could never stay on an instrument. I played: Violin, piano, flute, bass guitar, guitar, and percussion. I finally stayed on percussion and the guitar work. Music was my passion, my calling. Unfortunately it only was consistent a few times a year.

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