Im a 30 year old male, who has lived with ADD through all my life, and really am sick of it.

Throughout my grade school years, I had trouble with focusing in on my teachers and couldnt help day dreaming. In the first grade I was a little ahead in math, but had trouble with my reading. As time went on, I started liking reading more than math, to where I was placed in a special classroom for my math, which really hurt me with my self respect. At one time in grade school, I had many friends, but the more I had to be pulled out of my home rooms to go to the special classes, and not doing good with tests, my flow of friends, soon slowed to a trickle at best. I was teased, allot of times during my grade school, actually through out of my k-12 school years as being stupid/dumb, which also hurt my self respect.

My parents concerned with my poor math skills, and problems with organizing my notes, able to follow simple tasks, paying attention, soon had me tested, and I was diagnosed with a learning disability during my time in 3rd grade.

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