I’ll be the first to admit that I really don’t get into the holiday spirit very much. I have not put up a Christmas tree in 10 years. I don’t think I’ve decorated in over 5 years. People finally started to realize that I am choosing not to decorate and stopped giving my crappy Christmas decorations.

This year I’ve got a bit more Holiday spirit than I’ve had in past years. I’ve decided that I actually want to send out Christmas cards. I think it’s been about 5 years since I really sent out cards. I used to send them out and enjoyed doing it to. It’s been so long that I forgot how many steps are involved in mailing out Holiday cards!

So far I’ve:

  • Purchased the cards
  • Found a Red Pen to Write with
  • Chose a date to mail them by (shooting for the 10th)
  • Written out and addressed 3 cards
  • Thought about who I want to send them to

What I still need to do:

  • Get Stamps
  • Write out a list of who to send them to
  • Find/Get people’s addresses
  • Write out cards
  • Address cards
  • Seal Envelopes
  • Put Stamps on Cards
  • Get them to the post office or Mailbox

I’m sure I’m missing some steps!! But…sending out Christmas Cards does have a lot steps! It’s no wonder people with Attention Deficit Disorder get overwhelmed at the idea of sending them! I’ll try to keep my blog readers posted when I actually do get the cards in the mail!

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