Dr. Edward Hallowell talks about being “well enough” organized. What’s meant by being well enough organized is that you have a system that allows you to find most of the things most of the time and you are able to get things done and be on time the majority of the time. It’s not trying to find the perfect system that doesn’t really exist. Even the most organized person has trouble finding something from time to time.

To the average person my office and most parts of my home “appear” unorganized. However, most of the time I am able to locate the things I need relatively easily and I’m able to make my appointments on time. My husband and I are both fine with our home not looking as neat and tidy as most homes do too. So I thought I was well enough organized!

This past week I started to realize that maybe certain parts of my home really weren’t “well enough” organized for me. For example the fact that my brain shut down at the thought of cooking dinner because the pan I wanted to use was dirty was a big sign that I was not well enough organized. Also, when I wanted to install curtain rods yesterday and literally tore parts of my home apart trying to find the drill bits, was also second big clue that I’m not well enough organized.

Instead of beating myself up (which I’ve done plenty of in the past), I’ve started to come up with a plan to get myself more organized in those couple of areas. I’m going to create a better system that does work for me. Maybe I might actually hire a professional organizer or finally participate in Adult ADD BootCamp. My plan will probably also include time to re-evaluate my systems periodically to make sure I continue to stay well enough organized.

Are you well enough organized? If so, how do you stay well enough organized?

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    • lisa powell

      I cannot tell if I am registered for the teleseminar on Jan. 23 or not. Please, can you help me? I can find no other place to even ask a question!

    • Heather D.

      The thing is, I remember BEING well-organized enough, when I was younger and had more energy. But now, being a mom and a student, I find it very hard to do. And when I do get well-enough organized, it doesn’t last very long. That can be discouraging.

      I do like Hallowell’s term and how it allows you to be “not perfect.”

      Heather D.

    • Adrienne

      Organized? I have seen those people before and they even line up their pencils and dust the top of their desk at work. I much prefer a few piles, lost pens, and emails all over the place. I make a list, try to remember to look at it and avoid the phone messages at all cost.

    • Kirsten

      I know this sounds so simple…it is another kitchen thing….but ALWAYS run the dishwasher at night and ALWAYS empty it in the morning. That makes it so that there is someplace besides the counter/sink to put dirty dishes.

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