In the post There’s No Excuse I committed to my blog readers that I was going to begin exercising today. I am happy to say that I did exercise for 30 minutes today. Let me tell you though as an adult with ADHD it’s wasn’t easy for me to exercise! The actual exercising itself wasn’t that hard but actually getting myself to exercise was challenging.

I kept things as simple as possible and exercised at home on my Gazelle. Since I didn’t have to leave the house I only had 3 basic things to do to prepare. I had to put on my socks, put on my sneakers and find my iPod. For a person with out ADHD these are simple tasks but for me they aren’t. Since the Sock Monster visits my home often, finding matching (or almost matching) socks can sometimes really throw me off. Luckily I knew that my sneakers were under my desk and that my iPod was buried under the papers on my desk so that wasn’t too hard.

Even with the challenges I faced I was still able to get myself on the Gazelle and exercise. What I am planning to do the rest of the week is to have my socks, sneakers, and iPod ready before I exercise. I’m thinking it would probably be best for me to have them all in one place before I go to bed at night!

Well I am now off to get ready for tonight’s ADD Coaching Club and ADD Book Club!

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    • Terry Matlen

      Hey Tara!

      Congrats on getting started on your exercise routine! I’m doing the same, after taking a 3 month break, as I can’t get motivated in the winter. I jog outside in warm weather, then shut down for the rest of the year. But today in Detroit, it was a balmy 65 degrees and I was sooo excited to get outside before the freezing temps return.

      I checked out that Gazelle and never saw that before. How is it on the knees?


    • herbal remedy

      It’s inspiring to hear about people with ADHD take the pains to conquer the disorder. Yeah, things like exercising may be a simple task to others, but if you’ve got concentration problems and the tendency to be restless and get easily bored, exercising can be a challenge. Would it help if you exercised at the local gym?

      Anyways, I’ve heard about herbal remedies for ADHD. The natural ingredients such as Green Oats, Gingko Biloba and Gotu Cola could help ease out the symptoms. More of this from the article below:—Herbal-Remedies&id=730283

    • Amy

      I just posted this on another entry as well…

      Curves is working well for me! I do not get overwhelmed at all, because the circuit is simple. The harder I work, the better the results.

      The only downside is that the club near my house is not open early enough for me to go before work, so I have to rush to get my workout done before they close at 7 or 7:30pm. I have about an 45-minute commute during peak hours. But I am also lucky enough to work off hours sometimes, so I can get in to Curves before or after work.

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      BLOG NAME: My ADD / ADHD Blog
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      If you’ve read my blog posts There’s No Excuse and Exercising is Hard you know that I was trying to get back on an exercise routine this week. I am happy to say that I

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