The software that I use for the Free ADHD TeleSeminars at has directions telling people to print the page out as a reminder so they won’t forget about the Free ADHD Teleseminar. I can’t remove those directions and I’m sure most people don’t even pay attention to it either. I did get a funny question the other day from somebody who did read it though!

Do you send e-mail reminders? My wife has restricted me from ever touching a paper version of anything if there is an electronic option! Go figure!

I found this very funny because I can relate to it. I hate loose paper too and try to avoid it at all costs! If it’s not already in a binder or notebook it ends up on the floor or in some other strange place. Not to mention that it also seems to begin to multiply.

To answer this person’s question:

Yes, we do send out email reminders about our Free ADHD Teleseminars. They are sent out the day before and about 2 hours before live Teleseminar. So you don’t really need to print out the page as a reminder!!!

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