Earlier this evening I was was planning to purchase something business related online and needed my credit card. My business credit card is usually in my wallet or right in front of me on my desk. I searched both places several times and couldn’t find it. I even emptied out my purse and had my husband look on my desk for it.

It was so frustrating because I knew it was somewhere in the area of my desk. I finally decided to give up looking for it and look again in the morning. I was hoping it would turn up because I didn’t want to have to cancel it and have to go through all that hassle.

A little while ago I was sitting at my computer answering email. For some reason I looked at one of the books that I was reading the other day and noticed it had a bookmark sticking out. Guess what I had used for a bookmark? It was none other than my credit card!! Talk about an "ADD Moment"!!!

Have you ever done anything like that?

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