I just got news today that I am a SCAC! No, I’m not a skank or scab but a SCAC. SCAC stands for Senior Certified ADHD Coach. It’s a crendential from the Institute for the Advancement of ADHD Coaching or the IAAC. I am among a small group of ADHD Coaches who have been credentialed as SCACs too!

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    • DynamoInABox


      First off, congratulations on your new accreditation.

      Now, forgive me if you’ve covered this in past blog entries, but I was wondering what a typical career path is for a professional ADHD coach. I worked briefly with a coach before I moved a year or so ago, and he also was ADHD. Therefore, my small sample of two or three is that there are a lot of coaches who are themselves ADHD!

      I’m presently going through career-related dark night of the soul for like the millionth time, and trying to evaluate more person-related careers, especially ones that could help me advocate for other people struggling with the same stuff I am struggling with.

      Anyway, I’d love any info you can provide on how one becomes a coach.
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