I decided to take a little trip to the mall today. I got some money for Christmas and there were a few items I wanted to buy myself. To my surprise I found what I wanted in both of the stores that I went into and was done pretty quickly. I didn’t get overwhelmed and felt pretty good.

Then I was walking through the mall and I made eye contact with one of the guys in the cell phone booths. It’s really not like me to make eye contact with people in the malls. I’m usually my own little ADD World and don’t even notice people. Not only did I make eye contact with him but he asked me if he could ask me a question. Since I was in a good mood, I was nice and said yes. There are times when I kind of growl at people, say no, and keep walking.

He tried to sell me one of those cool Internet cell phones. Luckily for me I was in my shopping mode which meant I was only there to buy the items on my list. I was not looking for a new cell phone. Believe me I was tempted but, one of my rules is that I don’t make any large impulsive purchases. I’ve learned from too many past mistakes that I need to follow this rule! I tell the sales person I will think about and ask for info to take with me.

I’m really happy that I didn’t purchase the phone and get a new cell phone plan. It may be something I’ll do at a later time but now I have time to think about it. I have the option of purchasing it later and I don’t feel bad about making an impulsive purchase that I didn’t I plan for ahead of time.

How do you handle the temptation of making impulsive purchases?

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    • Lisa Marie

      me too..when i went to the mall and seen new things, sometimes I tempt to buy.

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