Since it’s the beginning of the New Year a lot of people are thinking about goals and resolutions. Before you make your resolutions or set your goals think about whether these are things you feel you “should do” or things you “want to do”. More often than not we don’t succeed at the things we feel we “should do”. It’s usually because there is an outside force that makes us think we should do these things. We are usually more successful when we want to do things.

That’s not to say that “shoulds” can’t become “wants”. For example you may have a goal to become more organized in 2008. Maybe at first you felt you should be more organized because other people are but you do really want to be more organized because you feel better when you can find things. Or maybe your goal is to exercise more in 2008 because somebody else thinks you should. Maybe you decided that you want to exercise more in 2008 because it makes you feel better physically and mentally.

What do you want to do in 2008?

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