One of my goals for the New Year is to eat better and Exercise. I started off 2007 exercising and eating well. I lost 35 pounds and managed to keep most of it off. I started off 2008 with a nasty little cold and PMS. The work week started on a Wednesday too which has thrown me off. As you can guess I haven’t begun exercising or eating as well as I would like. I can probably come up with 101 reasons as to why I haven’t started but there really aren’t any excuses!

So now I am letting all of my blog readers know that on Monday January 7th I will begin exercising and eating healthy. On Monday the ADD Coaching Club begins accepting new members, the ADD Book Club starts up again, and I begin the Law of Action program that I signed up for. So, I am giving myself a bit of a break and am planning to get with the program on Monday.

What about you? Are you going to take action on Monday too?

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