Lately I have been hearing ADHD experts talking about the fact that even if they could get rid of their ADHD they wouldn’t. NEWS FLASH – You can’t get rid of or trade your ADHD! There is no ADHD fairy that’s going to come take your ADHD away and leave you money under your pillow! The New England Patriots are not going to give you Tom Brady if you give them your ADHD! You have ADHD and it’s here to stay!!!

Thinking about what life might have been like if you didn’t have ADHD is just about as productive as thinking about what you would do if you won $10 million in the lottery! We can spend hours and hours thinking about both situations but doesn’t make more sense to think about what you can do about your present situation? What type of changes can you make to improve your quality of life now? What can you do to live more effectively with ADHD?

If you need some help coming up with ideas and implementing them then maybe it’s time to work with an ADHD Coach!

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