Yesterday was Super Tuesday and since I live in Massachusetts I voted! I moved to a different town this past year so I had to register to vote. I was actually able to register on time too! I got my letter in the mail a couple of weeks ago telling me where to vote so I was all set!

For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while I’m sure you can guess that I’m going to have an ADHD related story about my voting experience. I was told in my letter that the polling place was at the local high school. My husband told me that the high school was near the super market. Of course I didn’t bother looking up the exact address, geting directions, or clarifying what near meant. Primary20election

About 3:00 pm yesterday afternoon I decided I was going to vote. Knowing that I was going to a school it didn’t even cross my mind that 3:00 pm is probably the worst time to go to a school. Anyway, I pulled into what I thought was the high school and sat in traffic for 10 minutes while the buses left and people picked up their kids.

I finally got up to where the crossing guard was and asked him if this was the high school. By this time I had a pretty good idea it wasn’t too! He told me no and that the high school was about a mile down the road. He was very nice and told me I could make a u-turn and didn’t need to drive through the rest of the traffic.

What did I learn from this??

If I don’t want to waste time sitting in traffic or driving around lost that I should get directions or at least an actual address. Also, I should probably ask clarifying questions too!! Oh, and I should probably pay attention to what time of the day I plan activities!

Do you think I missed anything else?

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