Pats I’m sure that most of you have heard by now that the New England Patriots lost the Super Bowl last night. As a New England fan I have made the choice not to watch or listen to any of the local news today. See, the New England Patriots may have lost the big game but they had an amazing season . They had a record breaking 18-0 regular season. This is something that the team should be proud of and losing the Super Bowl shouldn’t over shadow this amazing accomplishment.

I think a lot of Adults with ADHD can relate to the New England Patriots. Quite often adults with ADHD have plenty of accomplishments and things to be proud of yet, we end up focusing on the one thing we didn’t do or that we had trouble with. One of the things I do as an ADHD Coach is to try to help my clients pay more attention to their accomplishments and what they have done. I found over the years that many Adults with ADHD really need to be reminded to pay attention to their successes and accomplishments

What is something you do to focus more on your own accomplishments and successes?

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    • Isabelle

      Dear Tara,

      My name is Isabelle and I’m a member of the WEGO Health Community []. I think the way you expressed your voting day experience was humorous though I’m sure it wasn’t at the time. You’re so right about how focusing on accomplishments which is so much more important. The Patriots is also my home team, and it was still painful to see the Patriots not make the 19-0 record; I still think they’re the best team of the season in the AFL!

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