Over the past couple of weeks I have been receiving angry emails from people telling me they are interested in some the ADD Coaching Programs offered through ADDClasses.com but they can’t afford them. One woman told me that I should make everything free. Another told me that I should charge only $10 per month for the ADD Coaching Club. Somebody else told me that charging $97 per month for the ADD Coaching Club was cruel.

My first thought is that these people don’t really value ADD Coaching. Many people don’t even think twice about paying $100 per month for cable television. Yet, when I suggest they get rid of cable television to pay for ADD Coaching it doesn’t go over too well. I also the get the same type of reaction when I suggest they make coffee at home instead of going to Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks every day.

Maybe part of this is my fault too. Maybe they don’t really understand what ADD Coaching is. I think I am assuming that people really understand how beneficial ADD Coaching can be. I like to think that most people have researched ADD Coaching and when they see programs like the ADD Book Club or the ADD Coaching Club they understand the tremendous value of these programs. Maybe I need to make it more clear to people about how much these programs can really benefit them.

Or…Maybe some people really do value Cable TV and Coffee more than ADD Coaching Programs!

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    • Dynamo in a Box

      Well, no offense, but at times your blog does read more as a series of advertisements than as an actual resource for people with ADHD. I realize that you want to be compensated for your time like anyone else, and only you can decide where the sweet spot is between giving away content and selling it. Just don’t be disappointed when people decide the price is more than they’re willing to pay.

      Also, one doesn’t have to look hard for examples of ADHD people struggling in their careers. Perhaps there are plenty of prospective users who value your services and would pay the market price for them if those people were steadily employed. Not feeling like you can afford the services you need to become what society considers a “productive person” tends to make one surly.

      “Maybe I need to make it more clear to people about how much these programs can really benefit them.” — Well, that’s plausible too. When I feel beaten down then I’m pretty negative about the ability of anybody to help me. Fortunately right now, although I’m beaten down, I’m also blessed to be able to afford a fairly high-priced career counselor. But that certainly wasn’t the case at some points in the past, and screeds about how I just need to suck it up and pay money I don’t have for services I’m not sure would help wouldn’t likely have closed the sale with me.

      Just my opinions; I’m sure others’ will differ.

    • Tara McGillicuddy

      Thanks for your feedback…

      As for my blog having advertisements, it does. I have worked very hard over the last decade developing my services and I use my blog to let people know about them. If people don’t like what I have to say they have the choice not to read my blog.

      It’s not that I am disappointed that people don’t want to pay for my services. I do admit I was little upset that one woman thought my services were worth less than I used get paid when I started babysitting over 20 years ago.

      The thing is that most of the services I offer are actually well below “market value” too. Both Linda Hillger and myself worked very hard at developing the ADD Coaching Club as a valuable ADD Coaching program that is more affordable than most other ADD Coaching options out there.

      I respect people’s choices not to use my services but that doesn’t mean they need send me nasty emails when they are choosing not to pay for them.

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