It seems as though just about everybody I’ve talked to lately is in a February Funk! It’s a combination of things that has people in a funk too. For most people funks are hard to get out of but for those of us with ADHD it can be even more challenging to get out of a funk.

The good news is that February is almost over and we have the month of March to look forward to. Since I too have been in a bit of a February Funk I am Motivated to Move into March and build up Momentum. So how am I going to forget my February Funk and move into March?

First I’m going to forgive myself for the fact that I was in a February Funk. Next I’m going to move on and make a new plan for the month of March. Part of why I am in a February Funk is because my plan for February didn’t work as well as I thought it was.

Even if you are not in a February Funk what is something that you can do to build up Momentum in March?

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    • Heather

      Slow down. I’m a mother of three and always have more then I need on my plate. Motivate myself to relax more with my kids.

    • Lyndy-Lou

      WOW – your question on building momentum into March is SO PERTINENT to the MAJOR decluttering I’ve been doing with the program for February – the Habit for the month was Decluttering for 15 minutes a day.

      I am between jobs (again 🙂 ) and I’m making use of the time to declutter. The extra incentive/motivation I finally got was the fact that my new beau got so peeved at my clutter that I’ve practically lost him. But – that’s okay – even if he is gone now, I just seem to have found myself in the midst of my tiny but overflowing apartment with all the papers and binders and stuff I’ve collected over the past 16 years!!

      It feels fantastic to sift and sort and wash and giveaway, throwaway, bless someone else with anything that I don’t get joy from anymore. If I don’t love it or it doesn’t bring a smile to my face, out it goes!!

      It’s working like magic – slow but steady – there is SO MUCH to do. I work at it every day and I still am not done. It didn’t get like this overnight. It took years and years and years of accumulation.

      So yes, I definitely feel the momentum building and I’m feeling lighter and lighter every week – and I feel prouder and walk taller and look around my home with greater pride and self esteem. Thanks to FlyLady and just my own journey of building awareness around IT’S TIME TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY LIFE and my CLUTTER and CHOOSE HOW I WANT TO LIVE, ADHD or not.

      There still is a whole “Me” underneath my ADHD diagnosis that has beclouded me and smothered me for these past 4 years.

      Thank goodness I’m uncovering her.



    • Judi Jerome

      As the snow rages outside and I put on my wool pants – again, I look at the Lite Box that EVERYONE in Vermont has (if they want to stay sane the beginning of Nov thru the end of Mar) and remember that I am NOT alone. People say, ‘wait for spring’. We don’t have spring, we have mud season. It snows every April. OK we all seem to want to “win” in the February Funk [contest?]. Everyone up here has a tale to tell.

      Well, I got tired of the tales and of the funk so I took action. It is amazing how just one action on one piece of our lives can be a beacon in a dark sea. And believe me, Nov AND Mar up here are the two darkest seas you ever want to see. So the action turned out even greater then I imagined. Just as I was about to ask if there was any humanly way possible that we could find a way to barter services, the person I had turned to for help with my one action, asked me first.

      Life can be beautiful and full of surprises when we are open to them. The snow and the coated trees and the river are beautiful; AND all of the possibilities that are out there for CHOICES are amazing when we slow down, meditate, breathe and open ourselves to those beautiful and helpful choices.
      Mindfulness Matters.
      smiles and cheers (I know we remember them from last summer) Judi

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