Tara_small I finally got around to getting a professional photograph taken. It’s something I thought about doing for a while but kept getting overwhelmed at the thought of finding a professional photographer. Very recently a colleague of mine told me that my photo on the 2008 ACO Conference page made me look blue. My husband looked at the same page and strongly suggested that I get a professional photo done too.

Of course when John made the suggestion I told him I didn’t know how to find a photographer and it would be too hard for me. Somehow between the two of us we came up with the idea of going to Sears. I’m still amazed at how simple the process was! I took at look at the Sears Portrait Studio website, found a local studio, and booked a session. The session itself took less than 30 minutes and I was out of there with a CD that had my photos on it!

I’m amazed had how much more complicated I thought this was going to be. I guess this experience made me realize that I probably shouldn’t just make assumptions. I should actually research things that I don’t understand!

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    • Terry Matlen

      Beautiful photo, Tara!!



    • Judi Jerome

      Awesome picture Tara, you look beautiful.
      I had to get professional pictures taken for my website as part of my AD/HD Coach Training. I asked around, went to the cheapest and got 32 “different” headshots with 2 sweaters/blouses and then had to make a decision. That was the most torture that I have ever put my friends and relatives through. 32 headshots!

      4 years later I still question the one on the banner. That was everyone else’s choice. Interestingly enough, the one I chose for my ‘Bio’ page, NCGW Column Bio and ADDitude Magazine ad was the one that I liked the best and NOT the one that everyone else picked out.

      Meditation and then compromise helped me to make that difficult choice. Slowing down the thoughts and feelings of being overwhelmed, breathing, clearing my head, smiling when I did not feel like smiling…Meditation. What a favor I did for myself when I remembered to trust and stay mindful. It is such a struggle for people in Western Culture and what feels like climbing Mt. Everest to people with AD/HD, but this hyperactive kid inside of this post-menopausal woman is so grateful for the gift of Meditation and Mindfulness. Always, both in the beginning and in the end, Mindfulness Matters!

    • Mark Yarbrough

      Very professionally done.

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