Radio Show Tonight

Join me tonight at 11:00 pm EST / 8:00 pm PST for my call in Living with ADD / ADHD Radio show. You can listen to the show here! You can also call in with questions by calling (347) 326-9333 between 11:00 pm EST and 11:30 pm EST. If you can’t make the live show and would like to have a question answered post your question as comment in this blog post. You will be able to hear the answer when the recording of the Living with ADD / ADHD Radio show is published.

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  • jake

    Reply Reply February 21, 2008

    add is nothing but a government way to legaly distribute drugs…… adderal is a legal form of speed… what!!!! and everthing else dont fall for the adhad lies

    TITLE: Did My First Show
    DATE: 02/21/2008 03:22:14 PM
    I had my first Living with ADD / ADHD Radio Show last night. Though I really hoped people would be calling with questions about Adult ADHD, I was prepared that people may not be calling

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