As an adult with inattentive ADHD I’m stuck in my head a lot. That’s not always a bad thing but sometimes I forget that not everybody knows what’s I’m thinking. Sometimes I just take it for granted that people have the same values as I do. When they don’t it’s often really disappointing to me.

I was very recently involved in a situation where I pretty much assumed other people involved had the same values and expectations as I did. When I found out they didn’t I was really upset and frustrated. It’s okay that I am upset by the way things turned out but I probably could have done things differently to prevent the frustration and disappointment.

I could have been more clear up front stating my expectations and asked clarifying questions. I can’t just assume that everybody thinks the same way about things as I do. While I am upset by this situation I need to move on and learn from it. Next time I am involved in similar type of situation I will have learned from this past experience and make sure I am more clear up front.

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