Like so many of you, I was recently diagnosed with ADHD, at the age of 39. It answered a lot of questions for me about my childhood, and the way I lived my life up to that point. Let me try to explain, as my story will probably sound familiar, at least to a point. It is so good to know that I am not alone, nor a freak…

I am the youngest of nine children, with only 11 years between my oldest brother and I. I have always been hyper, talkative, friendly, and extroverted. I excelled in everything that I put my mind to, and entered Kindergarten at three, and graduated at 17, half-way through my Senior year. I actually could have graduated as a Junior, but that would have given my parents three graduations in one year (my sister was held back, so was in the same grade as my older brother), even though I had enough credits. So, I just took classes I enjoyed, graduated early, and went to the Army.

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