I just came across this ADHD TV widget and had to share. I think it runs ADHD related TV / Video segments 24/7.

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    • Kali

      That is really funny. I shot a TV pilot called ADD TV back in 1998. You can see some of the sketches that I posted from it on You Tube http://www.youtube.com/Kaliopy

    • ellen

      I have endured building my house in New Orleans back- it was a mile from the levee break. I had a contractor whose main man was on crack.. did not know it until he got busted. So you can imagine what things went wrong. Some I am still finding. It is less that 3 months from hurricane season and THERE IS NO PLAN. The levees are not what they should be–unfortunately they NEVER were. The Army Core of Engineers know this.

      I went on anti-depressants for 1 year. Then found out I am
      ADDHD– did a lot of reading. Finally got on the right drugs. I am trying so hard not to be negative.. but it does not work. It takes 3-6 weeks to get Doctor appt.

      Our business income is down, our city is trying to get rid of Fraud. between the FBI and the Attorney General–we might actually get rid of decades of corruption. We have a great young NEW Governor.

      But none this helps when you cannot focus, find your keys, forget where you were gong drive to, show up on the wrong date…
      Are their ADD Coaches in NOLA?

    • Diane my battle with add

      my name is Diane i am 47 and i just found out that i have add a month ago. i was always diagosis with having depressing and bi-poar but the meds never worked. they actually make me sick and i was on them for 6 years. till i stop taking them. i have never been able to hold down a job. i would get bored and qiet. in 1992 my mom told me to apply for ssi and i got it. as a child i can rember getting into a lot of trouble in school. i watch alot of tv as a child and stil do. and i was awful in math i actually hated it. i was in special ed and when i was in high school i made fun of everyday because i was bigger than most kids. and when i was a kid i was always bored and didn’t pay attention. and i can’t do no more than one thing at a time. as a adult i also had bad relationships with men i always seem to go with the wrong type of men. didn’t have a good relationship with my father. i got into drugs at the age of 19 stop at the age of 21. i don’t have many friends like most people. i have trouble with credit cards there max out right now. i am trying to pay them off. in my family my mother had add. i have it and so does my daughter. and i just found out today my sisters son has it. i just never knew what a serious condtion it is. i always thought you had to be hyper to have it. am not hyper so i never thought anything about having it. and i have always overate and couldn stay on a diet long time or do any kind of workouts. and i have always had to push myself to clean i thought i was just being lazy.
      but now with me being treated for the right condtion i eat like normal people do now. lasted year my eating was so bad i was looking into weight loss surgery but never got it done. i am on adderall xr and i haven’t felt this good in about 25 years. i am looking for other people that have it. and i can learn more about add. if you like to e-mail me feel free to do so.

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