Last week in Support for ADD E-News and here on my blog I wrote about Self-Esteem and ADHD Coaching. I ended by saying that ADHD Coaching can help improve self-esteem but a person first needs to be ready for ADHD Coaching. One of my readers sent me an email asking what it means to be ready for ADHD Coaching.

I think that there are 4 basic areas a person with ADHD needs to be ready:

  • Ready to research different ADHD Coaches and ADHD Coaching Options
  • Ready to make a financial investment in ADHD Coaching
  • Ready to dedicate time to the ADHD Coaching Process
  • Ready to be open and honest with yourself and your ADHD Coach

I will be going into each of these areas more in depth this week on my blog. Make sure that you are subscribed to the blog by email or in a RSS Reader.

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