I really didn’t set an actual goal of exercising a certain amount of times this week but I really wanted to get back on track with exercising. Usually if I can find a reason or excuse not to exercise, I don’t exercise. What surprised me is that this week I had some challenges that really could have fed into my resistance to exercising.

On Tuesday my Ipod would not turn on even after trying a few times to reboot it. This could have been a perfect reason for me not to exercise. For some reason I got on my Gazelle with my iPod and as soon as I started exercising it finally came on.

On Wednesday I could not find matching socks. I think I have 10 different styles of of white socks, yet none of them match each other. I have some athletic socks with arch support so it wasn’t just that they didn’t look like a match. It’s also that they didn’t feel the same on my feet. I finally just put on 2 different socks and after a few minutes the weird feeling of 2 different socks on disappeared!

Bush_2 Then today luckily for me I exercised before watching the news. George W. Bush was on the news talking about his Presidential Fitness Challenge. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s a great idea for the country to start exercising. However George W. Bush should not be the one trying to encourage people to exercise. He’s an awful speaker!!!! He is not inspiring at all and he just sounds like an insensitive jerk. I don’t want to turn this into a political rant but George Bush could have fed into my oppositional nature and been a great excuse for me to avoid exercising.

Even with my challenges this week was a success for me and I exercised 3 times! 

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    • stu


      I’ve got adhd too.

      Are you medicated?

      Kind Regards from Sydney, Australia


    • Jackie

      Exercise is supposed to work very well for ADHD and I wonder if someone here has had good experiences with using herbal medicine for ADHD.

      I ran across an ADHD supplement called Attend. Has anyone tried it? It’s at http://www.add-adhd-help-center.com. It looks great and I thought I would ask around before ordering. Any thoughts would be great. Thanks!

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