Ab_lounge Those of you who have been following my blog know that it can be challenging for me to exercise regularly. I am proud to report that for the past 2 weeks I’ve done well exercising. Last week I was also motivated enough to get out my Ab Lounge and use it too. It had been close to a year since I used the Ab Lounge and in that time I hadn’t done any sit-ups or really used those muscles. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday I did 25 sit-ups on the Ab Lounge .

So here’s my ADHD Moment…Saturday and Sunday I was feeling really achy and thought that I was coming down with the Flu or a Bug. Since I thought I was getting sick I was in sick mode all weekend. It didn’t even dawn on my until last night that the reason I was so achy was from using the Ab Lounge!

    2 replies to "It’s not the Flu…It’s my ADHD"

    • Kali

      You mention feeling lethargic. I was feeling overly tired and I just found out that I have an under active thyroid and I need to go on Synthroid. Believe it or not, a lot of the symptoms look like ADD symptoms too so it may be easy to overlook!

    • Amber Franklin

      I’m currently trying to have my doctor to diagnose me with adhd. I’ve always have had but never sought treatment because I didn’t know till now that, this was my problem. He sent me to a psychologist for testing. The psychologist talked to me and said that it sounds like you potentially have adhd but I need you to come back in for an extensive test to be sure and that test is $1,050. Can anyone help me to find a better solution???

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