I really do not have a great concept of time and have trouble knowing how long things really take. Tuesday night I went to visit my parents for a couple of days. Yesterday my mother and I decided to go out shopping. I went up stairs to check my email, take a shower and get dressed. I didn’t remember looking at the clock before I got into the shower but when I got out it seemed a lot later than I thought it was.

I didn’t really think much about it other than that I must have really lost track of time. At home I have 2 things that help me have a better concept of time while in the shower. I listen to the radio and my hot water begins to run out after about 15 minutes. My parents have a bigger hot water tank and do not have radio in the bathroom. So, I had 2 strikes against me when it came to keeping track of time.

I finished getting dressed and doing my hair and went down stairs. When I got down there I noticed the clocks were an hour earlier downstairs than upstairs. So, I really hadn’t lost track of time. I accidentally set the alarm clock in the guest bedroom ahead an hour when I was trying to shut off the alarm!

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