I just finished reading the cover story on this site and he was quite a bit more well off than I was. I’m a 56 year young male who was diagnosed with Adult ADD only four years ago. So you can imagine the coping techniques I developed coming up in my childhood years, which were unfortunately not good years of my life and I would rather forget them but for the sake of all the Adult ADDer’s out there this story is a must.

I come from a very dysfunctional family. My father’s father was an alcoholic and beat my dad frequently. He quite school in 8th grade to help his dad. I grew up in absolute and in total fear of my father and what he might do next. He is an emotionless, empty, bitter old man. Hey, I’m here to tell the truth and if I can’t do that then noone will be any better off. I can only remember from around the age of 5 and not much of that. Oh yeah, forgot, my father was a very angry person, at what or who is anybody’s guess.

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