Over the next few months I’m going to be busy both professionally and personally. I’m going to be speaking at the ACO Conference and the ADDA Conference. I’m also going exhibiting ADDClasses.com at the Learning and the Brain Conference. Personally I have jury duty, a Christening, and a wedding.

Out of all these things the one that I am stressing out about the most right now is the wedding. I’m not in the wedding or anything. However I have been told that it’s going to be long Catholic Mass. It’s not just a regular Catholic Mass either! My cousin and his fiancee are being married by a family member who is a Bishop(or somebody really important). So it’s going to be really special (AKA long) Mass.

I’m inattentive not hyperactive but I’m still used getting up during long meetings. I’m also used to having something else to keep me entertained. In most situations it’s somewhat socially acceptable to get up from my seat to "go to the bathroom". However I’m pretty sure the the Providence College Cathedral doesn’t have the same social standards that I’m used to.

In the past one of my strategies has been not to attend the ceremony and just go to the reception. Since this is a close cousin I feel I have to attend the ceremony. So I guess this is just one of those times I just need to grin and bear it and sit through the ceremony out of respect for my cousin and his fiancee. 

Maybe in the next 2 months I’ll come up with some creative ideas on how to keep myself entertained with out drawing attention to myself and embarrassing my family members in the church!

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    • Madrisa

      Take something unobtrusive with you to play with during the service. I sometimes play games on my Palm, although that might be too obvious in church. Or I bring a small notepad and pen and work out a problem or do some planning on a project. (They’ll think you’re making notes on the homily!) Anyway, you get the idea. Good luck!

    • Lisa

      Hi Tara,

      It’s nice to see an add blog that isn’t all stats and meds. The personal stuff is so much more interesting! Sorry, no brilliant plan for the wedding. I usually just fiddle with a hair tie and that would probably attract attention. Just wanted you to know I like your style!


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