Utds_newsm_2 Today I purchased the new book Upping the Downside which is about professional resilience. There is an amazing special today on the book that I just couldn’t resist. The book Upping the Downside is/was 75% off and because I purchased the book today I got access to over 75 free gifts from leading business experts.

I starting hearing about Upping the Downside a few weeks ago and planned on purchasing it today. So…my ADHD related impulsivity wasn’t a problem. However ADHD does come in to play here. There are just so many Upping the Downside gifts that I am interested in that I’m not quite sure which one to start with. I do have a full year to choose but it’s still overwhelming!!!

So now it’s time to use my own ADHD Coaching advice and make plan which will help me prioritize and make some decisions! Instead of just looking at the Upping the Downside gifts I need to have some guidelines to work with.

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    • Mari Smith

      Hey Tara – thanks for helping spread the word about Mike’s book today. I can relate for sure to the overwhelm, there’s just a ton of choices in the whole package… fortunately Mike’s leaving the bonuses up for a year and I love your idea of making a plan! If you come up with something, let me know and I’ll see how we can let others know.

    • Mike Jay


      You’ll also be pleased to know that contained within the book is a survey, that automatically prioritizes what you can work on to be more resilience. Anyone who buys the book, can come to our live “exploratory” sessions and learn how to use the survey to give them a resilient advantage. Thanks for buying the book and spreading the word.


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