In my blog post Are You Ready? I discussed that I think there are 4 areas a person needs to be ready in before beginning ADHD Coaching.

The first area is: being ready spend time and energy researching ADHD Coaching.

I have noticed over the years that a lot of people have come to me having almost no understanding about what ADHD Coaching is. I think it’s very important for people educate themselves about ADHD Coaching before they even consider hiring an ADHD Coach. A few places to start researching ADHD Coaching are ADDA, IAAC, and ACO. 

Since you are reading my blog it would be really easy for me to tell you just hire me as your ADHD Coach or enroll in an ADHD Coaching Program offered through I think it’s really important for people to find the right fit in an ADHD Coach or ADHD Coaching Program. Therefore I recommend researching at least 3 ADHD Coaches before hiring one or enrolling in one of their ADHD Coaching programs.

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