A new ADHD Coaching client told me the reason she started ADHD Coaching was to improve her self-esteem. I was bit surprised by her response because that was the first time in my several years working as an ADHD Coach that I got that response. At first I thought maybe my new client didn’t really understand ADHD Coaching. I soon learned she had researched ADHD Coaching and understands that learning and practicing better ways of Living with ADHD does improve self-esteem.

As both an ADHD Coach and an adult with ADHD who has been an ADHD Coaching client, I know first hand that a benefit of ADHD Coaching can be improved self-esteem. However a person with ADHD must first be ready to make a commitment to ADHD Coaching. If a person with ADHD isn’t quite ready for ADHD Coaching then it’s possible ADHD Coaching could negatively affect self-esteem.

My advice to people with ADHD who are thinking about starting ADHD Coaching is to think carefully before starting ADHD Coaching. Think about whether or not now is the right time to make an important commitment to change. ADHD Coaching can be very rewarding and powerful but a person with ADHD must first be ready!

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    • Steve

      Hi, I don’t think anyone can argue with the truth which the last sentence carries – “ADHD Coaching can be very rewarding and powerful but a person with ADHD must first be ready!”.

      Its like the story of the horse. You can drag the horse to the well but if it doesn’t want to drink (read “not ready!”) the end result is simply WASTED EFFORT.

    • Reach For The Stars

      Thanks for the post. I am new to your blog and I find it very informative and helpful. I will be visiting again!
      TITLE: Are You Ready?
      URL: https://www.myaddblog.com/2008/03/are-you-ready.html
      BLOG NAME: My ADD / ADHD Blog
      DATE: 03/16/2008 01:08:26 AM
      Last week in Support for ADD E-News and here on my blog I wrote about Self-Esteem and ADHD Coaching. I ended by saying that ADHD Coaching can help improve self-esteem but a person first needs

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