I was just flipping through Nancy Ratey’s Book The Disorganized Mind: Coaching Your ADHD Brain to Take Control of Your Time, Tasks, and Talents and came across one of the tips on procrastination which is Share Your Goals. As an ADHD Coach I know this works well for my clients. In the ADD Coaching Club members share their goals on the Group Coaching Calls and some also share them on the private support forum too. So I know it works for others!

I’m not sure why but it still surprises me when I see things work for myself. Yesterday I was talking to my friend and colleague Becca Colao through IM. During our conversation I mentioned that I was procrastinating about exercising and that I wanted to exercise. With in minutes I got my socks and sneakers on and started exercising. So now I know that as both an ADHD Coach and an adult with ADHD that Sharing Your Goals does work.

I am now sharing a goal here on my blog to. Right after this afternoon’s Free ADHD Teleseminar with Kate Kelly I am going to exercise!

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    • coachen

      I personally would like to see how we can help each other to overcome this on our own behalf.

    • Kali

      It was like a light bulb came on when I saw the name of that book, The Disorganized Mind. The problem with having ADD is that I go on Amazon and I order all the books but I never end up finishing any of them! Its really a catch 22. I wonder if they offer it as an audio file?

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