I was just browsing through some ADD and ADHD Blogs and came across a comment about the term ADHDers. The commenter demanded the person writing the blog not call people with ADHD "ADHDers". Over the past decade I have observed that there is a love hate relationship with the terms "ADDers" and "ADHDers". Those who use the terms seem to feel a sense of belonging. Then there are those who cringe at the use of the terms.

I fall somewhere in the middle when it comes to the terms ADDer and ADHDer. For the most part I try not to use the terms. In addition to or part of what I do as an ADHD Coach is to spread ADHD Awareness. I’ve come to learn that most people who are new to ADHD or aren’t very aware of ADHD don’t seem to get the context of the terms ADDers and ADHDers. I really don’t want people looking at me like I have 2 heads when I’m beginning to educate them about ADHD Awareness.

I grew up in the small town village of Byfield, Massachusetts and those people who were born in Byfield are refered to as Byfielders. Unless somebody has lived in Byfield or spent a lot of time in Byfield they probably won’t get the true context of what a Byfielder really is. I see the term Byfielder very much like the terms ADDers an ADHDers. I would not start talking about Byfielders around somebody who has never spent time in Byfield, MA just like I don’t talk about ADDers and ADHDers around people who are not members the ADHD Community.   

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    • Shane

      Hello there. I’m not sure, but think you may be referring to a comment that was left on one of my posts at http://www.adhdguide.blogspot.com. If not, I’ve had the same experience. I’m currently hosting a book giveaway on my blog and thought you might like to stop by, read the book review and enter the giveaway. Take care.

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