I had Jury Duty this past Tuesday. In the past I never actually had to go to Jury Duty because when I had called the night before I was told I didn’t have to go in. I just assumed this time would be the same. When I called the number on Monday it said I needed to report!

So, I got there on time and since I’m not a morning person being there by 8:30 am was quite challenging. I also managed to get there with out getting lost which is another huge accomplishment for me. It gets a little interesting though…

I walked right through the metal detector which wasn’t even on. The security woman got a little aggravated and told me that I needed to come back and she need to go through my stuff. I guess I’m so used to going through airport security where they move you through very quickly and tell you what you need to do. I was told that I couldn’t bring my camera phone in and had to bring it back to my car.

I think I’ve watched way too much TV because I expected to come right in and be interviewed as a potential Juror. I was not expecting to sit for 3 hours doing NOTHING! In that 3 hours I cleaned out my purse and threw out about 10 appointment cards dating back to 2006. I read a little bit of a book I actually remembered to bring with me too. I tried to sleep but that didn’t really work too well.

I looked at the clock and it was 11:25 am. At this point I started to really think about the fact that I was really stuck here and couldn’t just get up and leave. I felt a panic attack beginning to come on too. Just as I started taking some deep breaths somebody came in and told us we could leave!

Well I’m done for at least 3 years now! 

    3 replies to "Jury Duty"

    • Kali

      I was always one of those fanatics who wanted to attend Jury Duty. I pictured myself in the middle of a crime case with a prosecutor like Al Pacino. Its a shame it turned out that there was no drama for you today 🙂

    • raven

      kali , you’re a loser.

    • raven

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