Yes, you read the title right! I’m writing about ADHD and Penis size!! Somebody actually found my blog by searching for ADHD and Penis Size. So, this may solve the mystery about why somebody was doing a search a while back for ADHD Penis. I also discovered that some men over at ADD Forums are claiming that ADHD medications like Adderall decrease Penis size.

So it got me wondering if there have been any actual studies about ADHD and Penis size or ADHD Medications and Penis size. It also got me wondering how one would go about collecting such data. Do they have some type of technician doing the actual measurements? That sounds like a stimulating job!

Hey, at least I didn’t add a picture to this post. Believe me, it did cross my ADHD mind!

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    • Kali

      That is too funny. You always land in my inbox. This time you landed in my trash. I guess it is a legitimate concern for some 😉

    • Jen Koretsky

      Too funny, Tara! I should check my own stats more often for gems like these. 🙂

    • Driver

      It’s more than likely medicated teenage males worried about their loss of libido and why they’re no longer walking around with a semi.

    • Judi Jerome

      OK now I know that I have a fever. So, spam, sick individual or as jen said, teen hoping his meds will help him get it up?? only time will tell….

    • Newfdog

      Hi Tara, got here doing a search because of a discussion over at the ADHD forums

    • patrick

      size not always has good quality.

    • Ana


    • Myncmiplinc

      I do think this is a most incredible website for proclaiming great wonders of Our God!

    • jackie

      Or the topic may have come up identifying different diseases and physical findings potentially linked to ADHD or another medical issue. Remarks like some of those stated above are really unnecessary for a parent of a 7 year old with true medical issues and unanswered questions to read.

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