I’m a bit confused as to why Dr. Hallowell and Dr. Handelman are promoting the idea of a Strength Based Diagnosis of ADHD to the general public. Don’t get me wrong I think focusing on the strengths of a person with ADHD (or anybody for that matter) is a very good idea. What I don’t get is why this is being promoted to the general public instead of the medical and/or mental health communities.

As an ADHD Coach I don’t do the diagnosing. My clients don’t do their own diagnosing. Having a diagnostician focusing on somebody’s strengths would be ideal. However far too many people are still just trying to find a diagnostician who has, even a basic understanding of Adult ADHD. It’s really too bad these doctors aren’t using more of their time and energy getting those diagnosing us to understand ADHD.

The idea of a strength based approach is great and I’m sure if they were calling it a "strength based approach" it would be a lot more appealing to me. But the fact is that we have very little control over the medical community. Most people can’t afford to go to the Hallowell Center for a diagnosis either. So it seems as though right now a Strength Based Diagnosis is only available to those with a lot of money.

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