I could not understand the cycles. I have so many interests and what I call "brief but intense enthusiasms," so I’d get involved in a variety of projects (all good things). I’d take on too many responsibilities in each area–sometimes just because I was good at it and desperately needed to feel good about myself. I actually enjoyed these things and poured myself into them…until I got bored. I’d lose interest, procrastinate, and let other people down. Then the activities got to be too much, an overwhelming burden. Somehow everything would be due at the same time!

All of this would have been too much for anyone, let alone someone who couldn’t differentiate the important from the unimportant and someone that panicked when under stress and then couldn’t function at all. I’d drop the ball and let people down. I’d embarrass myself and live in a world of shame, depression and migraine headaches. I’d promise myself I would never ever let that happen again, so I’d quit everything. But the vicious cycle would soon begin again: boredom, busyness, overwhelm, procrastination, letting other people down, quitting; boredom, busyness, overwhelm, procrastination, letting other people down , quitting, etc., etc., etc.

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    • Andrea

      I totally agree with Julie’s story-as I could related very well to taking on or wanting several projects and then abandoning them. I thought it was only me!

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