Over the next few months I am scheduled to be speaking about ADHD and the Internet which is something I’ve grown to know a lot about. In the next couple of weeks I will be interviewed about ADHD and the internet as part of the ADHD Parenting Strategies Series. In July I’m speaking at the 13th National ADDA Conference and in September I’ve also been invited to speak as part of an international ADHD event.

All of these talks are going to include information and discussion about Online ADHD Support Communities. So, I have decided to add a new feature to my blog about what’s happening in the online ADHD Communities. I’m planning to blog once a week about interesting and/or important posts through out some of the online ADHD communities.

This week I’m going to talk about about ADD Forums, ADHD and Marriage, and ADDer World!

ADD Forums is the largest and most active online ADHD support community. This past week there was a very interesting thread about ADHD and Jury Duty. It became quite a lively discussion with conflicting opinions!

ADHD and Marriage is both a blog and a discussion forum run by Melissa Orlov. The Blog section of ADHD and Marriage is loaded with helpful articles related ADHD and relationships. The Forum also has some really interesting posts. This week I would like to highlight Marriage and Monogamy and Trying to Save Marriage.

Finally I want to let everybody know about the new ADDer World Community!

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    • Bryan Hutchinson

      Hi Tara,

      Thanks for mentioning the new ADDer World, ADHD community. By the way, I just created a share links group on ADDer World and yours is the first I have added!!!



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