As many of you know I am a Boston Red Sox fan! One my
favorite players is Manny Ramirez and many people have speculated that Manny has
ADHD. Right now Manny has currently hit 498 home runs! I can’t wait for him too
hit his 500th home run!

In celebration of Manny Ramirez hitting his 500th home run I am holding a contest. The person who comes closest to guessing when Manny
will hit his 500th home run will win some great prizes! 

To enter the contest post a comment to this blog post with
the date and inning you think that Manny will hit his 500th home run! Please make sure that you use a
valid email address because that is how I will contact the winner! Also the
winning comment must be submitted before Manny actually hits his 500th home run!

    2 replies to "ADHD Home Run Contest"

    • Jennifer

      My son has ADHD. It’s takes a lot of convincing to others that ADHD is not something you can turn off.

      Pat does very well at school. For the first time this year he didn’t have “Needs to display self control” on his report card! I was so proud! It was so much better then him getting an A.

    • Michael

      In basketball field, I think Jason Kidd and the airness Michael Jordan has ADHD diagnosis also, right?

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