Makeaddwork A study was recently conducted showing that Adults with ADHD miss 3 weeks of work per year. The results really didn’t come as much of a surprise to me since I work with many of my ADHD Coaching clients on work related issues. There’s also quite a bit of discussion over at ADD Forums about ADHD and work related issues too. 

I am really exicted to announce on June 9th the ADD Book Club begins discussing the book Making ADD Work: On-the-Job Strategies for Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder. If ADHD is affecting your performance at work then make sure you join the ADD Book Club before June 9th.

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    • Herbal Remedies

      The thought that ADHD is not only apparent in children but also in adults (ADD thereof) is something that needs serious consideration. If adults themselves cannot resolve this debilitating disorder in them, self-actualization in their lives or in their careers would be a struggle – a nearly impossible feat. But they also have to reconsider the medications they have to take. People with ADD should try herbal remedies for a natural and safe solution to overcome the disorder.

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