I never fit in as a child in school. I was constantly beaten bullied and picked on. I asked for help over and over but nothing. My parents did not care that I was in the highest 1% in aptitude tests(verbal skills lagging behind, the only exception) and my grades were terrible all the way through high school.

College was a just as bad. Only one person ever stopped to really help me. It was already too late. Some tried a little but they did not or could not take enough time. At about the end of this I knew what was wrong but it was not bad enough to force me to get real help.

After finding a carreer(pays decent) I found the stress of what should be a normal happy life getting to me from time to time. Over a lond period of years I would seek help to find out nothing they prescribed worked. I found my best years working alone in a highly dynamic high stress situation where problems had to be solved fast and I knew how to do it quite well. I can break down and analyze complex systems rapidly, I can do it walking in cold.

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