The topic of ADHD and medication is one that I tend to stay away from. Though I’ve educated myself quite a bit about Attention Deficit Disorder and medication, I’m still not a medical professional. I’m an ADHD Coach and I really don’t think it’s my place to discuss medication.

I strongly believe that it is a personal choice as to whether a person chooses to take medication or put his or her child on medication for ADHD. I also know that there is a huge need for information about ADHD medications. So even though I am choosing not not to directly educate people about medication I know people need reputable sources.

Though I am not recommending either way if a person should take medication for ADHD I am going to recommend a great resource. I just recently listened to Dr. Theresa Cerulli in the ADHD Strategies series. She gave some great balanced information about ADHD medication.

There were 2 interviews with Dr. Theresa Cerulli in the ADHD Strategies series. These 2 calls are no longer available for free but there are still several calls that you can listen to for free in the ADHD Strategies series over the next few weeks. You can also purchase the entire series of calls for $67 which includes both mp3s and written transcripts. I think just the one call with Dr. Theresa Cerulli alone about ADHD medication is worth over $67!

Oh and I almost forgot I am going be interviewed this coming Monday in the ADHD Strategies series! So if you sign up before Monday night you can listen to me for free too!

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