I bet you were expecting this blog post to be about an offer for a program through ADDClasses.com or my ADHD Coaching services. I’m also sure the title sparked some interest and some emotion. Some of you were probably excited and couldn’t wait to see what it was I was offering. Others were probably turned of by the gimmicky title but were still curious to see what I was going to be offering.

I too get turned of by gimmicky sales pitches like this. I think they prey upon the weaknesses of people with ADHD and I don’t use them. I think it’s very important for those with Adult ADHD to take at least 24 hours to make financial decisions. I would advise all of you reading this to ignore anybody who throws a one time only special offer at you. If an offer like this is coming from somebody who is claiming to be helping people with ADHD I suggest staying as far away from that person as possible.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t think there is anything wrong with early bird specials and other discounts. Nor do I think there is anything wrong with timed offers. In fact it’s often helpful to people with ADHD to be given a time limit and rewarded for acting early. Reminders of that programs are starting soon are also helpful too.

Just be very careful not to be pushed into acting impulsively and purchasing something in the moment!

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