Yesterday I sent out an email to members of letting them know about a couple of Free Audio Classes. Last night one of the members sent me an email telling me she thought I gave out helpful information but wanted to be removed from my list because I sent out an email a few months ago using the "F-Word".

To make a long story short I didn’t send out any emails dropping the "F-Bomb". This woman had me confused with somebody else!

Though I personally don’t get offended by the "F-Word" I know that quite a lot of people do. I know that there are times and places when using the "F-Word" is acceptable. One reason I try my best not to use it professionally is that I like to model my behavior. If I drop the "F-Bomb" in emails, blog posts, and on group calls that tells my ADHD Coaching clients that I think it’s acceptable behavior to use the "F-Bomb".

The simple fact of the matter is that in most cases it’s not acceptable to drop the "F-Bomb". People can and do get fired for using profanity in the workplace. People can and do get asked to leave public places for using profanity.

Don’t get me wrong there are times when I use the F-Word around those who I know aren’t offended. There are also times when it slips out too, like last week when my computer froze and I forgot my office window was open. And, I could tell by the look on my neighbors faces they weren’t accepting of hearing the "F-word" in the middle of their family cook out!

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