One thing that’s quite common for many of my ADHD Coaching clients is that they are very resistant to taking breaks or taking time off. Many people with ADHD have the mind set that they have to complete a challenging task or project before taking a break or taking time off. The truth is that taking breaks actually helps people get through those daunting and challenging tasks.

It’s very important to add time off or breaks into your life! Like Judi Jerome mentioned in her ADHD and Mindfulness Teleseminar in April a break can be taking just a few minutes to breath. Or as Diane Ladd mentioned in her ADDing Focus Teleseminar earlier this month taking a break can involve taking a 30 minute walk outside and connecting with nature.

There are also longer breaks like vacations from work. Since I like to practice what I preach I have decided to take a planned break. I’m taking the month of July off from offering free Teleseminars through I won’t be taking the entire month of July off since I will be speaking at the ADDA Conference and will still be running ADD Coaching Programs. However, I will be significantly reducing my work load and enjoying time off with family and friends.

What type of breaks do you take?

If you aren’t taking any, I challenge you to add a break into your life!

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    • Ross Weintraub

      I get up from my desk, walk down the cooridor to the kitchen, start a cup of coffee (we have a Flavia, single packet machine), run to the restroom and then back into the office. I pick up my fresh brewed cup of Joe and trek back down the cooridor to my cubicle.

      Whenever time permits my colleagues and I walk to the local convenience store where I pickup a salad to eat back at the office.

    • Marie

      I used to take long weekends all the time, and i always felt refreshed. the past so many years, i’ve only worked part time, but i am still terribly stressed out. no one takes breaks at work, because it’s not encouraged. it’s awful. i am so glad i only work there a few hours a day. i try to spend time at home reading when i can. it’s my break time when i do that. i do hesitate to start big projects, though, because i cannot take breaks until i’m done…

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