On Sunday I volunteered to represent ADDA at the ADHD Road Trip booth at the Boston Health and Fitness Expo. When I first agreed it sounded like a fun idea then it began to hit me how much I hated the city of Boston. I hate driving in Boston because I usually take the wrong turn and get lost because I have no sense of direction. The city of Boston is like a maze to me and I try to avoid it all costs.

Luckily for me I bought a GPS recently. I’ve used it quite a few times and have been amazed how helpful it’s been. But my real test came on Sunday when I went to Boston. Not only was I able to find the convention center but I was able to find a very close parking garage using my GPS.

Even my GPS isn’t Tara proof though. I didn’t realize that it would take a few minutes for the GPS signal to return after leaving the parking garage. Even after only 3 minutes of driving out of the parking garage I was lost! As soon as the GPS picked up a signal again it got me un-lost and told me how to get home.

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