Over the past few years we have had some excellent instructors leading Teleseminars at Sheri Hall has led several Teleseminars and I’m always amazed at how creative and helpful her classes are. Right now Sheri Hall has over a dozen classes in the ADD Audio Library!

  • The Biology of ADD

  • Introduction to ADD / ADHD

  • ADD Friendly Writing

  • Behavior and Attention Deficit Disorder

  • Getting from Point A to Point

  • How to Make *Life* Stimulating

  • How to Skate Through the Holidays

  • Late Again??

  • The Perfectionism Battle

  • Plan for Success at College

  • The Routines of Life

  • Setting Up Systems That Work

You can listen to and download all of Sheri Hall’s classes along with classes from other intructors by subscribing to the ADD Audio Library. The ADD Audio Library is valued at over $1897 but you can subscribe for just $9.95 per month!

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